10 tips for thriving entrepreneurs with ADHD!

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Did you know that a lot, I mean, a lot of freelancer and business owner were diagnose with ADHD? Are you surprise? Of course many of them have a team to help with the every day struggle! If I could afford it, I’ll probably have a assistant. Her (his) main job will be to remind me my goals for the week and stick with it! It’s very hard for me to wake up every morning and do the work I need to do to success! I’m sure I’m not the only one!

I must admit that I thought long and hard before writing this article. I wanted to thing of the way I will share theses tips with you! I fought to live as normally as possible. Articles are starting to be written on the subject, people are better informed. It’s a little better seen now than it was 10 years ago. I recently read an article saying that ADD (H) make the best entrepreneurs; I thought it was time to broach the subject. Not from the perspective of a healthcare professional, but of a person with the disorder.

Over the years of experience, I have developed ways to move forward and successfully overcome my difficulties. Today I’m going to share my tips and tricks with you! I still have things to learn and improve, but over the past year it has clicked and my method is now the right one! For me anyway.

My imperfections can be qualities

Before I begin, I will introduce you to the disorder from which I am suffering. I was diagnosed at about 6 or 7 years old, after my kindergarten teacher told my mother I was a trouble child. You see, I start to get physically and psychologically abuse at a very young age. This teacher was a nightmare, she strap me on a chair so I stop moving around, she also punish me by isolate me from the other kids. I remember it like yesterday. She wanted to transfer me to a class for intellectual disabilities.

Hopefully my mother step in and refuse it! She did well because I finished high school and was able to do some college! I understand that I learn better on the job much better than in the classroom where I get bored easily (despite the learning disability).

With relentlessness, I graduated like everyone else and my intelligence does not prevent me from being above average (according to the psychiatrist). When I was 20, I was enough educated and ready to move into the world of business. I learned over time that working for an employer didn’t give me the freedoms I needed to function. It never worked, even when I was ready to compromise and make the effort! Preferring to fire me, then teach me properly. I lived better on temporary contracts (summer or winter jobs), I have the tendency to get bored very easily and when I have ideas I have to put them into place now. As a self-employed worker, this is something that I can do and that allows me to flourish as a person.

Here are my tips and tricks for anyone with ADHD/ADD

1. Have paper or space to write

Like anyone with Attention Deficit, I quickly forget as my head is crawling with ideas all the time. It’s not uncommon for me to wake up in the middle of the night with an idea for a article or whatever. I always carry a little book where all my ideas are written, so I can go back to them later! It happens very often that it is not clear and well worded, but as long as the basics are there, that is the most important. Writing in advance before implementing the idea is important to me, being impulsive, it allows me to think twice!

2. Have you proofread by someone you trust!

No choice, this is the required box, especially if you are writing. “Normal” people are structured and like clean, no-frills texts and ideas. It’s always good to share with someone you trust. This is a hard thing for me. I have trust issue and I am working to gain confidence and learn to trust again!

3. Have routine! At least try to have one!

We ADD (H), don’t really like routine actions, but they will help you start your day! I try to get up and go to bed at the same time every day, get dressed and go to work mode. If I stay in my pajamas, laziness sets in and productivity takes a hit. I also go out to a library or a café, which gives me a little boost. The house sometimes makes me want to do nothing! Can’t wait Covid-19 is over! It’s start to be hard for the mind and soul!

4. Caffeine is your friend!

No kidding, it keeps me focused on the task at hand. I’m not saying overdo it, but good coffee is one of the things that works with me! The difference between my self “without my dose of caffeine” and that “with” is obvious, productivity is doubled!

5. Give yourself goals every day

It’s really important ! Without a goal, you will forget things, you will have difficulty prioritizing certain projects or ideas. Making to-do lists helps me a lot. I always have a paper planner in addition to the one on my phone. I set myself alarms, in order to remember my appointments in advance.

6. Take regular breaks!

Stop at the slightest mental fatigue! Go get yourself another coffee, walk around the house or the office. If you are on the H side, like me, I assure you that it feels good! Close your eyes and relax, take deep breaths!

7. If you have H syndrome, go exercise!

Since I run for an hour every morning, in addition to weight training in the afternoon (again, can wait my gym open again), I feel better and my concentration thanks me! I have a lot less jitters, I make better decisions and I suffer less stress! I believe this is great for all entrepreneurs; whether they have attention deficit disorder or not! It’s a constant personal challenge! Taking care of your body and your health is something that will keep you work and shine, for a very long time. You will feel better in your body and especially in your head!

8. Reading will help you sleep!

Take a moment before bed to read a book. Our brain is very active and reading is a way for me to calm it down, to focus it on just one thing. Go with something less intellectual before bed, a novel, an interesting story, it will help you sleep, you will have less chance of waking up at night, your quality of sleep will be improved.

9. Be diligent! Do it now!

Do you have an invoice to make? Do it, as soon as possible, if not now. If you procrastinate, you’ll forget to do it! Never postpone anything or wait tomorrow. This is the worst mistake you could make! Remember, your customers do not understand your difficulties! They might take it as unprofessional, even if you don’t do it on purpose!

10. ADHD is no excuse!

Your attention disorder should never, ever, be a hindrance to your dreams! Don’t give yourself excuses! Just because you are having difficulty doesn’t mean you aren’t able to work! You are like everyone else! Ideas come to you faster! You have unparalleled talent and you are creative. It is because of your ADHD that you are a successful entrepreneur! You are able to do anything! The only person who can block you is you and your negative thoughts!

We are strong and capable, just as much as the others! If you put the effort into your project, you will get there! I promise !

With lot of success and love,

Melly Moore


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