ADHD and the Art of Confusion!

Melly Moore
2 min readApr 27, 2021



Confusion… You know that feeling when you are wondering what the f..k you are doing? When your mind is so a mess, that you are wondering why you are living, for what purpose?

When you have ADHD you are living for only one thing, a rush. The same as craving sugar. But you simply can’t control it, it control’s you!

Confusion, like a teenage kid, you don’t know what you really want to do with your life. You try something for a while, you love it, at least you think you do. You get bored. Starting a new project. A new idea. But again, the rush passes. You just don’t see any reason to stick with it.

After a while, your life stays at the same point. So many failures. You start to think your life is a failure. Again and again.

It’s your fault! If only you could stick with one project! You always change your mind. You can’t feel that dopamine that you crave, anymore! You are bored, you don’t see the point doing something, that you now hate.

Maybe if you would force yourself to say on that one idea, maybe you would of succeed. But what about happiness? Will you find it? Why is so hard?

You know that influencer that you follow? She is contented her craving with so much attention, like! Without that attention, would she continue posting? Definitely doubt it!

Am I an attention whore? Absolutely! Why do you think so many actor, artist and entrepreneur have ADHD? They need that dopamine fix! It’s the only way we can function in life!


Do you know someone that always change work, or carier all the time? Help them keep the dopamine up, by encouraging them! Give them the attention they crave! It’s the only way they will stick with that project!

With a lot of love,

Melly Moore

P.S English is my second language :) I may make mistakes!



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